Water Management


Tomahawk Rentals has developed a system to give operators real time awareness of their frac pond levels. Current practice is to physically send out an employee to check the water level which is costly and inefficient.


Precision Pond Boat’s remote control means ultimate accuracy.

Tomahawk Rentals uses our Pond Precision Survey Boat to accurately develop a strapping chart of the pond. We take the data developed from the survey and enter it into our Pond Probe software and install our Pond Probe monitoring system. Our customers then login to our Pond Probe website which has been designed to take the pond level data and make it extremely useful to completions consultants and engineers in the planning of fracs and general water management. Features of the Tomahawk Pond Precision Water Management System are:

  • Tomahawk provides you with the tools to make Precision Water Management simple.
  • Remotely operate water well with KickStart® generators
  • The most accurate survey possible with the Pond Precision Hydrographic Boat
  • Precision Hydrographic Survey data for 3D mapping of the smallest bottom changes
  • Strapping Chart for more accurate volume measurement readouts
  • Pond Probe Technology to accurately monitor levels and report to the Pond Probe Website
  • Pond Probe website gives you all the data you need in one place, from anywhere
  • Live Text and Email Alerts so you know immediately if there is a problem with a pond
  • Tomahawk Technicians on call 24/7 to keep you running


Below are examples of actual pond surveys.

Click Image for PDF



Monitor all your ponds at any time from one website.




Google Earth animations also available.

Google Earth Pond Survey